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1/12/2018 Member News
Knapp’s Opinions On Offshore Exploration Deserve Respect

Knapp’s opinions on offshore exploration deserve respect


January 11, 2018 03:42 PM

Columbia, SC -- The left wants to follow science until that science doesn’t follow its agenda. The science of safe offshore energy exploration is not on the left’s side, and many are willing to resort to personal attacks against esteemed professionals instead of sticking to the facts.

James Knapp, a University of South Carolina professor, came under attack in a recent letter for explaining how science supports safe offshore energy exploration (“Professor who says seismic tests don’t hurt marine life has ties to drilling industry,” Dec. 18).

He has studied this issue for decades and has testified before Congress four times as a trusted expert in this field. Rather than focus on the facts, the writer demeaned Dr. Knapp’s pristine credentials. The State should have higher standards than publishing a diatribe focused primarily on personal attacks.

I have long supported oil and gas exploration off the coast of South Carolina to move our nation closer to achieving energy independence.

The United States is the only country refusing to utilize its own resources, as only 10 percent of federal waters are open to energy exploration. The untapped waters have the potential to create thousands of jobs, generate millions of dollars in revenue and reduce energy costs for S.C. consumers.

The letter attacking Dr. Knapp amounted to fear-mongering, which creates bad policy. As we saw under the Obama administration, bad policy can stifle American energy independence and economic growth. However, when we stick to the facts, we can move forward with sound energy policy to benefit all Americans.