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6/6/2017 Member News
Island Packet: Oil Drilling Prep Considered off SC Coast: Marine Life Could Be at Risk

Oil drilling prep considered off SC coast: Marine life could be at risk

Beaufort County residents probably won’t see or hear any effects of seismic testing in the Atlantic at first, but if the fish start to go missing, they might notice. And at that point, it could be too late, according to environmental groups.

Following up on an executive order made by President Donald Trump in April, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced Monday that it is seeking public comments on a draft permit that would allow companies conducting seismic testing in the Atlantic Ocean to “incidentally, but not intentionally, harass marine mammals.”

“You sometimes get the argument back that this isn’t going to harm the animals, but the permit (the companies) are seeking is literally the ability to harm these animals,” said Eddy Moore, Coastal Conservation League’s energy and climate program director.

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