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1/6/2017 Press Release
IAGC Decries Administration's 11th Hour Political Denial of Atlantic Seismic G&G Permits

News Release




IAGC Decries Administration's 11th Hour Political Denial of Atlantic Seismic G&G Permits


Houston, TX - The International Association of Geophysical Contractors President Nikki Martin today issued the following statement on the denial of Atlantic Seismic G&G Permits:


"Today's announcement from the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) denying the permits for Atlantic G&G permits demonstrates the Administration's continued lack of accountability to the American people.  It is also one of many recent and rushed attempts to cater to extreme environmentalists in the last days of the Administration, substituting politics for science. 


"Further, today's unprecedented denial contradicts what BOEM has repeatedly stated: that there is no scientific evidence that sound from seismic survey activity impacts marine life, nor does it harm the environment. Rather, it appears the White House directed BOEM to refute the best available science in favor of a precautionary approach with no basis in U.S. law. 


Seismic surveys proposed for the Atlantic would provide policy makers a greater understanding of the resources available offshore. A short-sighted decision to preclude these surveys flies in the face of long-term energy development policy, the national security, and the economic well-being of the entire nation.  As the U.S. and the world look to meet the growing energy demand, today's announcement certainly does not take that into account.


"Today's decision makes it all the more pertinent that the incoming Trump Administration works to undo the Obama Administration's failed energy policies, including today's unprecedented decision.  We look forward to working with the new Administration and Congress." 


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