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7/29/2020 Executive Viewpoint: Forging the UK oil and gas industry's future
7/28/2020 Offshore spending primed to rebound by 2022 amid $80 oil, says report
7/27/2020 Namibia tags oil and gas exploration as 'essential service'
7/24/2020 OGA details further improvements to UK offshore data access
7/24/2020 ICS warns: Corona test tampering could shut down crew changes
7/23/2020 Analysis: Oil service companies could benefit from energy transition
7/23/2020 Saudi Arabia Vision 2030: Solar energy can complement, not rival, oil and gas
7/23/2020 Geophysical trio batten down hatches amid losses
7/23/2020 Shell in shoot off Sarawak
7/23/2020 Offshore Namibia 3D review strengthens confidence in two prospects
7/23/2020 World's Largest Economies Are Still Spending Big On Oil & Gas
7/22/2020 UK health leaders push back on oil sector’s request for blanket Covid testing
7/22/2020 Turkey ignores Greece’s dispute, moves on with Mediterranean seismic surveys
7/22/2020 The lessons oilfield service companies are applying from downturns past to succeed today
7/22/2020 Government intervention would hurt energy producers
7/22/2020 Boris Ivanov on the Post COVID-19 Oil Paradigm
7/21/2020 TXOGA discusses ways for energy industry to power forward
7/21/2020 Oil beats renewables for pay and job quality — reports
7/20/2020 Turning on the taps: inside Norway’s new oil and gas taxes
7/17/2020 Union: Don’t drop oil and gas off cliff in energy transition
7/17/2020 U.S. Oil Companies Are Drilling Again. Here’s Who’s Ramping Up.
7/16/2020 Fossil fuels rank high in G20's Covid-19 recovery plans
7/16/2020 Major oil and gas companies set carbon emissions goal to address climate change
7/16/2020 Second Wave Of COVID-19 Won’t Crush Oil Prices
7/16/2020 Sidley Austin LLP highlights 3 major trends energy leaders are confronting
7/15/2020 Lawmakers, activists debate benefits of fossil fuel projects
7/15/2020 Australia gets ready to reveal 2020 exploration round
7/15/2020 'Historic breakthrough': Trump overhauls NEPA
7/14/2020 Green light given for fresh 3D seismic shoot near offshore Australian oil play
7/13/2020 Brazil presents 16 guidelines to boost onshore E&P activities
7/13/2020 Energy Sector Program 2020-2024
7/9/2020 Secretary of Energy: COVID-19 brought oil and gas down, but Trump is powering a comeback
7/9/2020 Oil Went Below $0. Some Think It Will Rebound to $150 One Day.
7/9/2020 Calls for Chancellor to support oil and gas sector
7/9/2020 Offshore Industry Welcomes UK Gov't Job Retention Bonus. Calls for Long-Term Support
7/9/2020 North Atlantic right whale gains official “critically endangered” classification by IUCN
7/8/2020 Oil & Gas and the need to realign business as demand dampens, supply increases
7/8/2020 North Sea sector’s Covid-19 response ‘is a real success story’, HSE director says
7/8/2020 Mexico’s President Meets With Trump As His Economy Reels From Covid-19, Oil Price Crash
7/7/2020 Covid 19 Coronavirus: Govt flight ban - 'I've missed my only chance to work'
7/7/2020 OSHA issues guidance for oil and gas workers during pandemic
7/7/2020 Canadian community and business leaders call for federal investment in offshore energy
7/6/2020 Ecuador pushes deregulatory reform and sticks to drilling plan
7/6/2020 Diego Mesa to lead Colombia's Ministry of Mines and Energy
7/6/2020 Sizing up Somalia: a new offshore oil frontier in the making
7/5/2020 Norway pushes for more Arctic drilling
7/2/2020 Covid-19 Impact on Africa’s Energy Sectors: Challenges and Opportunities
7/1/2020 South Australia dishes out exploration acreage
6/30/2020 Kazakhstan Seeks To Attract Foreign Oil & Gas Investments Amidst Global Crisis
6/29/2020 Fossil Fuels Make Up 84 Percent Of The Global Energy Market
6/29/2020 Argentina extends, tightens lockdown; puts fresh damper on oil demand, production
6/27/2020 Oilfield service sector expected to get leaner, more efficient
6/26/2020 Norway leaders urge oil and gas players to push on with drilling plans
6/25/2020 Kiwi petroleum lobby slams new seismic laws
6/24/2020 Seismic survey policy should be evidence and science based
6/24/2020 Newfoundland calls for tax help amid 'unprecedented crisis' for offshore sector
6/24/2020 Total sets out huge Kloofpadda wildcat plan off South Africa
6/24/2020 Norway to boost Barents acreage in fresh blocks offering
6/24/2020 Canadians petition government for oil industry support with letter-writing campaign
6/23/2020 Australian government looks to stimulate exploration
6/23/2020 New petroleum exploration opportunities available in Queensland
6/22/2020 How will coronovirus affect the offshore industry?
6/22/2020 £4.5m pledge to support oil and gas skills
6/20/2020 Kenney sees 'silver lining' for oil industry after rough week of layoffs, buyouts
6/19/2020 Oil and gas companies walk a precarious path as they navigate a downturn
6/19/2020 Norway opens latest offshore licensing round
6/18/2020 Global recoverable oil resources to be 'slashed' due to exploration drop
6/18/2020 $190 Oil sounds crazy. But JPMorgan thinks it's possible, even after the pandemic
6/18/2020 Tired of Polarization over Federal Aid for Oil & Gas Companies, Students' Letter Urges Prime Minister to Support Future Energy Jobs
6/17/2020 Oz duo assessing fresh seismic over emerging offshore oil and gas play
6/17/2020 Onshore exploration back on the cards in Victoria
6/16/2020 Major oil executives ‘optimistic’ amid anxiety over coronavirus ‘second wave’
6/16/2020 Oil demand could start growing next year but ‘enormous uncertainties’ remain: IEA
6/16/2020 New ASEA guidelines for dismantling hydrocarbon sector activities
6/16/2020 Rio de Janeiro Assembly Votes Law Proposition No. 1,771 - ICMS in the Oil and Gas Industry
6/16/2020 Oil demand to make record recovery in 2021 after historic fall
6/16/2020 Sen. Murkowski holds hearing on COVID-19 impacts on energy sector
6/16/2020 Major oil executives ‘optimistic’ amid anxiety over coronavirus ‘second wave’
6/15/2020 NC’s Objection to Seismic Survey Overridden
6/15/2020 London-listed players merge to focus on Caribbean and South American E&P
6/14/2020 Potential offshore discovery off Canada’s eastern coast fuels optimism
6/14/2020 For Oil And Gas Companies, COVID-19 Considerations Know No Borders
6/14/2020 Potential offshore discovery off Canada’s eastern coast fuels optimism
6/11/2020 Gabon expands 3D seismic access for offshore licensing round
6/11/2020 At a glance: oil exploration and production in Brazil
6/11/2020 South Africa to form new national oil company
6/10/2020 The Most Dramatic Year In The History Of Oil
6/10/2020 Coronavirus costing oil and gas $1.8 trillion in 2020, new data shows
6/10/2020 Emerging markets could support oil demand growth post Covid-19, says Rystad
6/10/2020 Peru upstream watch: Government extends contract
6/10/2020 Trump administration cuts oil, gas fees in hundreds of cases
6/9/2020 Pandemic may be a turning point for oil business, executives and analysts say
6/9/2020 Eni sets sights on deep-water South Africa frontier exploration well
6/9/2020 Moves to block Russians from Black Sea oil deals cloud new licensing round
6/9/2020 Is This The World’s Next Oil Hotspot?
6/8/2020 New Oilfields Discovered in Belarus
6/8/2020 Trump says he 'saved' industry. Not so fast, experts warn
6/8/2020 BP to cut 1 in 7 jobs — 10,000 positions worldwide — as COVID-19 slashes oil demand
6/4/2020 Canada finalises scheme for fast-tracking environmental approvals off Newfoundland
6/4/2020 EIA data suggests official U.S. oil stockpile figures are too high
6/4/2020 Bahamas speeds toward oil development despite pandemic
6/3/2020 Digital Transformation Is Creating New Opportunities for Modernizing Oil & Gas Exploration and Production
6/3/2020 In the midst of coronavirus crisis lies great opportunity for Canada’s offshore oil and gas industry
6/3/2020 The Energy 202: Big Oil could end up even bigger by the end of the coronavirus pandemic
6/3/2020 Brent flies past $40 per barrel for first time since March
6/3/2020 Petrochemical segment to pick-up faster than refinery and upstream following COVID-19: Poll
6/3/2020 Scottish Government argues Brexit delay would help ‘remove instability’ for oil and gas
6/3/2020 Despite the oil crash, Mexican upstream emerges resilient
6/2/2020 North-east MSP calls for increased support for oil and gas sector
6/2/2020 More oil to be found at Grand Banks
6/2/2020 Trump and 'energy dominance': What's next?
6/2/2020 Company fights court ruling on sage grouse
6/1/2020 Lebanon postpones oil, gas licensing deadlines amid COVID-19 outbreak
6/1/2020 IEA expects $400bn energy investment slump from coronavirus pandemic
5/29/2020 OPINION: Norway dragging its feet on burning issue of industry help
5/29/2020 Gulf’s working coast: An American treasure worth fighting for
5/28/2020 Coronavirus Outbreaks Threaten Oil Majors’ Biggest Projects
5/28/2020 PGS concludes East Shetland Basin seismic survey
5/28/2020 Brazilian contractors push for rescue measures amid industry crisis
5/28/2020 Brazil lifts foreign crew ban to alleviate Covid-19 pressure
5/27/2020 Total targets Namibia seismic shoot near Venus wildcat site
5/27/2020 Timor-Leste finalises onshore petroleum rules
5/27/2020 Polarcus Adira acquiring 3D seismic survey offshore mid-Norway
5/27/2020 TGS Commences Acquisition of its Atlantic Margin 20 3D Survey
5/26/2020 Will Covid-19 mark a permanent shift in oil companies’ energy-transition strategies?
5/26/2020 Norway's parliament expected to improve tax relief package
5/26/2020 Senior Canadian officials unite to support offshore industry
5/26/2020 COVID-19 update on economy: Over 200 US firms file for bankruptcy due to low oil prices
5/26/2020 What's next for oil? 3 questions answered
5/25/2020 IEA chief says low oil prices will take demand beyond pre-crisis highs
5/25/2020 Oil and gas industry welcomes recovery roadmap
5/25/2020 Oil, gas giants may get tax sop as govt works on lifeline
5/25/2020 IEA chief says low oil prices will take demand beyond pre-crisis highs
5/20/2020 Angola's oil exploration evaporates as COVID-19 overshadows historic reforms
5/20/2020 Exploration still key for NOCs despite budget cuts
5/20/2020 Coronavirus: Third of North Sea oil and gas 'could be untouched'
5/20/2020 Total and NEO Energy renegotiate North Sea asset deal
5/20/2020 Trump administration abruptly postpones New Mexico oil and gas auction
5/19/2020 Oil rises on lower U.S. stocks, firmer demand
5/19/2020 Total calls off deal to purchase Anadarko assets from Occidental
5/19/2020 Using oil and gas know-how to develop CO2 capture and storage project amid push for lower emissions
5/18/2020 Energy and the Climate - COVID-19 Global Impacts
5/18/2020 Desperate situation’ for North Sea oilfield service firms as furlough costing six figure sums
5/18/2020 Apache commissions North Sea Forties seismic survey
5/18/2020 PGS to carry out surveys offshore eastern Canada this summer
5/18/2020 U.S. crude strengthens as certain stimulus measures to continue
5/18/2020 Oil and gas industry picking up tax break wins, lawsuit relief in Louisiana Legislature
5/18/2020 Energy secretary accuses banks of 'redlining' oil and gas industry
5/18/2020 Oil Rises as Supply Cuts, Improving Demand Signal Recovery
5/18/2020 Weathering the perfect storm COVID-19 and the future of the oil & gas industry
5/17/2020 Logan: Policy matters more now with industry job losses
5/17/2020 Oil Prices Are Coming Back as Demand Rises
5/15/2020 Oil and gas after COVID-19: The day of reckoning or a new age of opportunity?
5/15/2020 OGUK enlists BP, Shell, Wood bosses to fathom North Sea recovery as ‘hard decisions’ loom
5/15/2020 Major trio submit plans for Northern Lights
5/15/2020 OGUK assessing work opportunities for offshore sector
5/15/2020 What's Next For Canadian Oil And Gas As COVID-19 Adds To Existing Challenges
5/15/2020 ONGC awards 49 marginal oil & gas fields
5/15/2020 Oil market is re-balancing, but path to 'next normal' not a straight line, says energy CEO
5/14/2020 A resurgence of coronavirus cases will have ‘major consequences’ for the oil market, IEA warns
5/14/2020 Oil climbs as IEA reports improving global market outlook
5/14/2020 Queensland unlocks new natural gas exploration acreage
5/14/2020 Suriname explorers look beyond Covid-19 clouds
5/14/2020 Obama energy secretary: Coronavirus economic fallout could cause 'permanent' changes in oil industry
5/14/2020 Oil prices jump as demand shows signs of picking up
5/14/2020 Queensland releases more acreage for gas exploration
5/14/2020 Oil market hurting big business and small-town farmers
5/14/2020 World oil shortages - expert warns
5/14/2020 Somalia launching First Offshore Licensing Round Virtually
5/14/2020 Oil Spikes Despite Pandemic Uncertainty
5/14/2020 Business travellers could be among 'limited' exemptions to UK 14-day quarantine
5/14/2020 Nigeria to target local players with fresh round
5/14/2020 Petrobras to axe tenders
5/14/2020 North Sea heavy-hitters mobilised to guide sector through crisis
5/13/2020 Oil Prices: Is OPEC In A Death Spiral? Coronavirus Continues To Drain Industry
5/13/2020 Energy Industry Powering U.S. Through COVID-19 Crisis
5/13/2020 Canada's oil producers need climate targets to draw investment, Trudeau says
5/13/2020 New guidelines help operators to make the most of existing North Sea assets
5/13/2020 Oil demand may not recover until 2026
5/13/2020 Repsol eyes FPSO model for Mexico discoveries
5/13/2020 Somalia lays out scaled-back maiden offshore round
5/12/2020 Oil slips more than 1% despite surprise U.S. crude stock drawdown
5/12/2020 U.S. energy chief forecasts a robust future for oil demand
5/12/2020 Oil storage crisis fading on global production cuts and recovering demand
5/12/2020 Nigeria to offer dozens of fields left dormant by majors
5/12/2020 Key Indicators On The Oil Price Path ‘After’ Covid-19
5/12/2020 COVID-19: The Next Episode For Oil & Gas
5/12/2020 Remote work technology: The one oil and gas services segment that Covid-19 has benefited
5/12/2020 Protecting seafarers and the global supply chain during Covid-19
5/11/2020 Fresh exploration wells on the menu off Norway
5/11/2020 Ottawa vows support for big companies hit by COVID-19 fallout but says ‘strict’ conditions apply
5/11/2020 China's crude inventory decline may augur a rebalancing oil market
5/11/2020 Federal Aid Program For Large Companies Wins Alberta, Industry Support
5/11/2020 Petrobras in two new pre-salt discoveries off Brazil
5/11/2020 Oil and gas companies asked, then received changes to Fed coronavirus stimulus program
5/11/2020 Trump says demand is back. But companies may not survive
5/11/2020 States Look to Boost Coronavirus Testing as Some Countries Report Resurgence in Cases
5/11/2020 U.S. Gov't Urged to Enable Widespread Covid-19 Testing of Offshore Workforce
5/10/2020 Senate to probe COVID-19 impact on petro industry
5/10/2020 Daily Brief: Upstream news and analysis from World Oil
5/8/2020 Equinor delays Caspian Sea exploration well amid Covid-19 challenges
5/8/2020 Polarcus and DUG collaborate on seismic tech
5/8/2020 Energy Dep’t concluding contract for Block C seismic surveying
5/8/2020 US associations pushing for offshore worker COVID-19 testing
5/8/2020 Oil Bosses Urge Norway to Revise $10 Billion Crisis Package
5/8/2020 Scalise on the oil downturn, socialists and the next stimulus
5/7/2020 Oil heads for another weekly gain on demand hopes and shut-ins
5/7/2020 Crude’s crash sees college grads giving up on oil and gas careers
5/7/2020 Offshore exploration still alive in Australia
5/7/2020 Schlumberger cutting jobs in Houston, closing 2 facilities
5/7/2020 FM admits ‘long way to go’ before home testing for North Sea offshore workers will pass muste
5/7/2020 Geophysical Contractors Seek Fiscal Relief from African Governments
5/7/2020 Bidders set for offshore deal at huge Adnoc oilfield
5/7/2020 OPINION: Energy transition gains momentum as Covid-19 hits oil industry
5/7/2020 Norway tax proposal 'needs overhaul' to lift investment: Equinor's Saetre
5/7/2020 Aussie duo to merge to form Alaska-focused explorer
5/6/2020 Apache advances Suriname appraisal schemes
5/6/2020 Public Strongly Opposes CEQ’s National Environmental Policy Act Proposal
5/6/2020 Oil doubles over past five days on output cuts and stabilizing demand
5/6/2020 Petrostates forced to consider life without oil revenues as prices stay low
5/6/2020 Nigeria delays major round amid dire market but smaller exercise gets go-ahead
5/6/2020 Bills clash on pandemic aid to fossil fuel companies
5/6/2020 Coronavirus (COVID 19) - Personal protective equipment
5/5/2020 Hilcorp to Conduct Geohazard Survey in Cook Inlet, Alaska
5/5/2020 Drop in cases of suspected Covid-19 in offshore staff
5/5/2020 Positive performance news as oil and gas industry works to deal with serious challenges
5/5/2020 Public consultation starts on Australia's 2020 offshore exploration round
5/5/2020 WoodMac: Norway's tax package will not boost investments
5/4/2020 Fuelling change: how covid-19 is impacting Brazil’s oil industry
5/4/2020 Norway proposes temporary tax break to stimulate offshore projects
5/4/2020 Staggered Start Times And More WFH: U.K. Government Drafts Plans For Back To Work
4/30/2020 Shell cuts dividend for first time since World War 2
4/29/2020 Covid-19: African Energy Chamber joins forces with IAGC to plead for help from oil-producing countries
4/29/2020 The Energy 202: Oil and gas companies stand to gain from Fed loosening coronavirus loan rules
4/29/2020 Equinor gets drilling at Norway exploration well despite spending cuts in market crisis
4/28/2020 Wind, solar cheapest power for 67% of world — report
4/27/2020 Trump faces big decisions on energy industry rescue as U.S. runs out of places to store abundance of oil
4/27/2020 Wall Street is feeling the pressure to stop Arctic oil funding
4/27/2020 Oil supply cuts ‘simply not enough’ for ‘overwhelming decline’ in global demand: Bernstein
4/24/2020 Eni lowers output target and chops capex amid Covid-19 and $3 billion loss
4/23/2020 Kuwait’s oil minister begins OPEC+ cuts ahead of schedule
4/23/2020 Trump tells Chevron to 'wind down' oil fields in Venezuela
4/22/2020 COVID-19 and an Oil Price Collapse: Impact on Energy Security in Africa - Challenges and Opportunities
4/21/2020 Brent crude rebounds from more-than 20-year low; U.S. oil up 20% in wild trade
4/21/2020 Covid-19 crisis to take toll on seismic revenue
4/20/2020 Oil industry pushes towards green targets despite coronavirus pandemic
4/20/2020 IEA: The Energy Mix Newsletter
4/16/2020 Trump officials: Oil tariffs still on the table
4/16/2020 Trump administration eyes paying oil companies to keep crude in the ground: reports
4/15/2020 IEA Predicts 'Worst Year In The History' Of Oil Sector
4/14/2020 BP bosses give 20% of pay to mental health charities amid Covid-19 crisis
4/13/2020 How oil patch lawmakers mobilized against the market crisis
4/13/2020 OGUK provides update on COVID-19 testing, safety measures for offshore crews
4/9/2020 Oil-producing nations seek global deal to stabilize market
4/7/2020 Brad Wall on the COVID-19 crisis: How to help the oil and gas sector, now and in the long term
4/6/2020 Trade body OGUK launches survey to understand supply chain risks
4/2/2020 How the oil and gas industry is helping fight coronavirus
4/1/2020 Trump To Meet With Oil Executives Over Cratering Energy Market
3/24/2020 Covid-19 highlights key role of electricity, clean energy: IEA
3/23/2020 U.S. oil industry asks Trump for regulatory relief during coronavirus outbreak
3/22/2020 European gas demand growth nearly erased due to COVID-19 lockdown
3/20/2020 New Zealand Oil And Gas Updates On Impact Of Covid-19 And Fall In Oil Prices On Business
3/19/2020 Producers advised to spend nothing on drilling as oil price hovers at US$25 amid COVID-19 pandemic
3/19/2020 Coronavirus: Oil and gas industry workers and the impact of self-isolation restrictions
3/18/2020 Big Wins Expected for Offshore Wind Over Next Decade
3/18/2020 Bangladesh seismic survey clears another hurdle
3/17/2020 Seismic imaging technology sees deep inside the brain
3/17/2020 UK North Sea oil discovery shows ‘significant promise’
3/12/2020 3 hydrocarbon projects sanctioned in T.N., Puducherry in 2019-20
3/11/2020 The oil sector takes its next hit: Coronavirus on offshore rigs
3/11/2020 Coronavirus to cause first annual decline in oil use in decade - IEA
3/10/2020 Britain's oil and gas authority suspends licensing in 2020/21
3/9/2020 Trump to weigh options to aid U.S. energy producers amid oil shocks
3/8/2020 Germany Proves How Essential Natural Gas Is – And The U.S. Must Supply
3/7/2020 UBS bank won’t finance new offshore Arctic oil and gas projects
3/3/2020 Huffman reintroduces legislation against ANWR drilling
3/2/2020 TGS completes carbon capture storage assessment in Canada
3/2/2020 Guyana’s election to decide who controls the nation’s oil boom
2/28/2020 EMGS receives LOI for multi-client pre-funding in Namibia
2/28/2020 Protecting whales from the noise people make in the ocean
2/27/2020 Climate change: Pressure on big investors to act on environment
2/27/2020 BP withdraws from industry groups, citing climate disagreements
2/23/2020 Lebanon to start oil, gas exploration in days
2/19/2020 Barbados and Trinidad Sign Energy Agreement
2/18/2020 PM: No 20 year wait for Bajan oil/gas
2/18/2020 Somali people to benefit following ratification of Petroleum Law
2/13/2020 Norway on edge over its own ‘ice edge’
2/6/2020 Top Republican: 'It's the emissions,' not fossil fuels
2/5/2020 Guyana slams activist group’s “cunning and calculated attack” on Exxon deal
2/5/2020 Biden's 'all-of-the-above' energy policy wins union endorsement
2/4/2020 Offshore oil transforming Guyana’s economy
2/4/2020 UK to ban petrol and diesel cars by 2035
2/4/2020 The Oil Industry is Part of the Solution
2/3/2020 'Golden age of gas' is here, driven by Asia, industrial demand: IEA's Birol
1/29/2020 Oil and Gas Industry Applauds Trump Signing of USMCA into Law
1/28/2020 Senegal launches its first offshore license round
1/27/2020 We can finally power ourselves, if we only let us
1/22/2020 Geologists unveil how Britain first separated from Europe and it was catastrophic
1/22/2020 Seismic survey for petroleum exploration under way in Dailekh district
1/20/2020 Cyprus slams Turkey's new exploration push
1/16/2020 Norway issues 69 offshore exploration licences
1/15/2020 ION reimaging 3D multi-client data offshore Uruguay
1/15/2020 Renewable energy is growing fast in the U.S., but fossil fuels still dominate
1/10/2020 Amazon’s New Rationale For Working With Big Oil: Saving the Planet
1/9/2020 Oil and Gas Exploration Activities in Somaliland
1/9/2020 Norway sees rapid growth in oil output from 30-year lows
1/8/2020 Here's Why Energy M&A is Expected to Remain Healthy in 2020
1/7/2020 How Much Oil Do We Import From The Middle East?
1/7/2020 UAE sees no immediate risk to oil flow through Strait of Hormuz
1/7/2020 Geologists Find Rare Earth Element-Bearing Rocks in Mojave Desert
1/6/2020 Somalian parliament approves new petroleum law
1/6/2020 NZ oil exploration hinges on Great South Basin
1/6/2020 Canadian oilpatch hopes float on Prairie helium drilling prospects
12/31/2019 US crude imports fall to lowest point since 1994: EIA
11/17/2019 Exxon: Demand for Carbon Fuels Is Still Growing
11/14/2019 U.S. Oil Production Set To Keep Rising
11/12/2019 Global energy demand means the world will keep burning fossil fuels, International Energy Agency warns
11/11/2019 Lebanon to start oil, gas exploration soon: minister
11/11/2019 Commissioners award contract for pirate ship playground at Mingo park
11/6/2019 Experts report steady progress in Cook Inlet oil exploration
11/13/2018 IEA sees crude supply gap ahead (Subscription Required)
11/7/2018 Africa enjoys boom as drilling spreads across continent (Subscription Required)
10/31/2018 Offshore drilling a national priority: Matt Canavan (Subscription Required)
10/31/2018 State commits to offshore oil drilling
10/29/2018 If the oil and gas ban is really a good idea, why are they rushing it through?
10/29/2018 North Sea Oil And Gas Exploration Still Attracting Billions Of Investment Dollars
10/18/2018 Exxon Exploration Chief Eyes Africa for Elephant Oil Find