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1/20/2020 Cyprus slams Turkey's new exploration push
1/16/2020 Norway issues 69 offshore exploration licences
1/15/2020 ION reimaging 3D multi-client data offshore Uruguay
1/15/2020 Renewable energy is growing fast in the U.S., but fossil fuels still dominate
1/10/2020 Amazon’s New Rationale For Working With Big Oil: Saving the Planet
1/9/2020 Oil and Gas Exploration Activities in Somaliland
1/9/2020 Norway sees rapid growth in oil output from 30-year lows
1/8/2020 Here's Why Energy M&A is Expected to Remain Healthy in 2020
1/7/2020 How Much Oil Do We Import From The Middle East?
1/7/2020 UAE sees no immediate risk to oil flow through Strait of Hormuz
1/7/2020 Geologists Find Rare Earth Element-Bearing Rocks in Mojave Desert
1/6/2020 Somalian parliament approves new petroleum law
1/6/2020 NZ oil exploration hinges on Great South Basin
1/6/2020 Canadian oilpatch hopes float on Prairie helium drilling prospects
12/31/2019 US crude imports fall to lowest point since 1994: EIA
11/17/2019 Exxon: Demand for Carbon Fuels Is Still Growing
11/14/2019 U.S. Oil Production Set To Keep Rising
11/12/2019 Global energy demand means the world will keep burning fossil fuels, International Energy Agency warns
11/11/2019 Lebanon to start oil, gas exploration soon: minister
11/11/2019 Commissioners award contract for pirate ship playground at Mingo park
11/6/2019 Experts report steady progress in Cook Inlet oil exploration
11/13/2018 IEA sees crude supply gap ahead (Subscription Required)
11/7/2018 Africa enjoys boom as drilling spreads across continent (Subscription Required)
10/31/2018 Offshore drilling a national priority: Matt Canavan (Subscription Required)
10/31/2018 State commits to offshore oil drilling
10/29/2018 If the oil and gas ban is really a good idea, why are they rushing it through?
10/29/2018 North Sea Oil And Gas Exploration Still Attracting Billions Of Investment Dollars
10/18/2018 Exxon Exploration Chief Eyes Africa for Elephant Oil Find
3/31/2017 Offshore Support Journal: Joint Trade Group Rejects Assertions about Jones Act Changes