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1/16/2019 Member News
How the KIITG Anti-Industry Agenda Hurts the Environment

How the KIITG Anti-Industry Agenda Hurts the Environment

The centerpiece of the Green New Deal proposal is the promise of “a jobs guarantee program to assure a living wage job to every person who wants one.”

This federally guaranteed jobs program—which seeks to retrofit the nation’s energy, transportation, and housing infrastructure to prepare it for a “post-carbon era”—is inordinately popular with the general public. But it has riled a number of union organizations who recognize it as simply the populist version of the “Keep It in the Ground” (KIITG) movement that seeks to put the oil and natural gas industries out of business.

“When the conversation is, ‘Close them all down,’ that’s not a conversation that we actively take seriously,” said Donnie Colston, a director at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. “The wages that are being paid by the third party who is installing some of this [renewable] technology is about half of our wages with no benefits and no insurance. So what it is is how do we convince our membership to take a job with half the wages and no insurance?”

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