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3/5/2018 Member News
Offshore energy exploration, development helps environment and economy

Offshore energy exploration, development helps environment and economy

March 5, 2018- Savannahnow 

Many people seem to be rightfully concerned with the potential impact to our environment, chiefly the seismic survey vessels’ potential for causing harm to our marine mammals. It seems that the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management shared those concerns and did a study that determined “there has been no documented scientific evidence of noise from air guns used in geological and geophysical seismic activities adversely affecting marine animal populations or coastal communities.” It appears that there is no harm in looking.

Should there be confirmation of the vast resources that are suspected to be offshore, I believe that development would actually help the environment as well as the economy. I have seen firsthand the positive impact that offshore structures have had on the ecosystem. The best places to fish would be alongside a production platform, just as it is in the Gulf of Mexico today.

Offshore platforms are manmade reefs and are home to an abundance of marine life. The higher-level predators, such as kingfish, grouper, barracuda and sharks as well as myriad other fish and marine creatures, including sea turtles, call them home.

The seismology reports from the 1970s show the vast natural resources that we have at our feet. These resources will be a boon to our economy, add to our national security and, with delicate footsteps, will help our marine life to flourish.

Let’s go have a look.


Richmond Hill