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3/11/2016 Member News
Give us Scientific Facts about Off-Shore Drilling

Give us scientific facts about off-shore drilling

I am disappointed that the recent article “Buddy Carter unmoved by anti-drilling stances” makes serious claims without providing science to back them up.

The mayor of Fernandina is quoted in the article as saying you could hear the reactions of marine mammals to seismic testing. He said, “When loud things happen you can hear reactions in the water. And the reaction sounds almost painful.” While this sounds disturbing, the studies I have read provide the contrary.

Marine seismic surveys have been conducted since the 1950s and there has been no observation of direct physical injury or death to free-ranging fish caused by seismic survey activity. There is even seismic activity and oil development in the North Atlantic where right whales are most of the year and there is no scientific evidence showing seismic testing harms them or any other animals. Federal regulators even affirm that current scientific evidence shows seismic surveys coexist safely with marine animal populations.

While making such a disturbing accusation, your newspaper should have provided solid and concrete facts from a scientist. Not just a guess or questionable observation.

It is clear Congressman Carter is speaking from facts, and he deserves our support on this issue.