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6/18/2018 Vote set on bills to boost onshore energy production
6/7/2018 Plastic Straws Aren’t the Problem
5/23/2018 Focus Your Message, Moniz Tells Industry
5/21/2018 Major Oil Companies Embrace Latin America
5/16/2018 For Big Oil, reserve size matters less than ever
5/15/2018 Letter: Seismic testing
5/15/2018 Keeping our fingers crossed for an oil find
5/12/2018 Mexico’s Oil And Gas Industry Privatization Efforts Nearing Critical Phase
5/9/2018 Energy Capital Conference: Silica Or Silicon?
5/9/2018 Norway launches new licensing round in mature offshore oil and gas areas
5/8/2018 Oil Prices Recover, but Hiring Lags
5/7/2018 Scientists warn against losing a crucial research ship: The National Science Foundation ‘has betrayed us’
5/3/2018 A thousand days later, why is NOAA still dithering on allowing seismic surveys?
4/29/2018 Voicing support for marine seismic surveys
4/27/2018 Greenpeace director Russel Norman pleads guilty over seismic blasting ship protest
4/17/2018 Oil and Gas industry searches for answers around Government pull out of future exploration
4/16/2018 Piecing together Zinke's 5-year-plan puzzle (E&E News Subscscription Required)
4/14/2018 Editorial: It’s not our call
4/13/2018 Gas has 'global role' in low-carbon transition - Methanex- (E&E News Subscription Required)
4/12/2018 Planning for the future - no new offshore oil and gas exploration permits
4/4/2018 Oil Drilling Debate Does Not Belong in Constitution
4/2/2018 New rules would make it easier to find oil — and endanger whales and dolphins
4/2/2018 Stop Oil Seeps California Responds to Trump’s Executive Order
3/31/2018 Navy ships, oil rigs may have to coexist off South Carolina, but what about marine life?
3/26/2018 Uncertain future for fossil fuel industry
3/25/2018 San Juan County sees effects of oil industry picking up speed
3/25/2018 Oil and gas chiefs meet as Government mulls future of the sector
3/24/2018 Drilling the Great Australian Bight: Hoping for Jobs, but Fearing a Spill
3/24/2018 SPECTRUM: KEEP Alaska competitive
3/23/2018 Malampaya fund can be used for seismic vessel purchase – DOE
3/21/2018 Feds, Alaska Try to Push Pace on Alaska Refuge Oil Exploration (Subscription Required)
3/21/2018 Greenville poised to oppose drilling off South Carolina coastline, but not exploration
3/21/2018 How the Shale Boom Has Kept the U.S. Afloat
3/19/2018 'Netflix for Oil' Setting Stage for $1 Trillion Battle Over Data
3/13/2018 Duncan: We should embrace offshore drilling
3/12/2018 Road Map For ANWR Drilling Gets Clearer
3/9/2018 Norway's Annual APA Round Faces Opposition
3/9/2018 Climate Justice Group Settles Advertising Complaint Against Oil and Gas Body Pepanz
3/8/2018 Australian Oil and Gas Industry Await Petroleum Tax Overhaul (1)
3/7/2018 Oil industry pushes back on electric vehicles (Subscription Required)
3/5/2018 U.S. Will Be the World’s Largest Oil Producer by 2023, Says IEA
3/5/2018 Offshore energy exploration, development helps environment and economy
3/2/2018 Coast in Crisis: Are laws designed to protect the environment slowing efforts to restore Louisiana's coast?
3/2/2018 What They’re Saying About U.S. Offshore Energy
3/1/2018 Offshore Drilling Debate Heats Up In GA
3/1/2018 Enviros plead with Ga. governor to 'stand up for our coast' (Subscription Required)
3/1/2018 US Interior Panel Recommends Cutting Offshore Oil, Gas Royalties
2/28/2018 Differences Between Friends, Foes Of Offshore Drilling On Display
2/28/2018 Busting The Top Five Myths About Offshore Energy
2/28/2018 Schlumberger's Exit From Seismic A Problem For Oil Firms -Seismic Firm
2/21/2018 Zepeda Touts Mexican Upstream Industry’s ‘New Information Market,’ Constitutional Resiliency
2/20/2018 State asks Legislature for $10 million to survey ANWR for oil
2/20/2018 Trump Faces Pushback on Plan to Speed Environmental Permits
2/15/2018 Greenpeace Warns Barque Resources Must Stay In The Seabed
2/15/2018 Budget Deal Rider Allows La. Restoration To Harm Dolphins
2/14/2018 Marine Mammal Observer's Job To Stop The World's Biggest Survey Ship
2/13/2018 Group To Tout SC Offshore Drilling Benefits
2/13/2018 Offshore Energy Exploration Could Secure Florida's Future: Guestview
2/9/2018 Interior Says $160 Oil Won't Help Most Areas; Industry Differs (E&E News Subscription Required)
2/5/2018 OCS Leasing Benefits
1/31/2018 RPT-Mexico's Oil Reform A Boon For Hard-Hit Oil Service, Seismic Firms
1/29/2018 SEA Act Bill Moves To House Vote
1/29/2018 Michael Thompson: The Rich Possibilities For Offshore Drilling In Virginia
1/26/2018 Trump Officials, Energy Execs Speak Together at Conference Sponsored by Climate Denier Groups
1/25/2018 Facts Can Be Pesky Things
1/23/2018 BOEM, NMFS Discuss Ways To Improve G&G Permitting
1/23/2018 Seismic Research Permitting Failures Needs To Be Addressed By Legislation, House Committee Says
1/22/2018 Could Opening Ocean Tracts Reveal New Resources?
1/22/2018 BOEM, NMFS Discuss Ways To Improve G&G Permitting
1/19/2018 Take A Fresh Look At Offshore Drilling
1/19/2018 Will Upstream Bounce Back in 2018?
1/19/2018 Trump's Offshore Oil Drilling Plan Will Struggle To Lure Rigs From Other Prospects Like Guyana
1/19/2018 Oil Field Services Could See Renewed Profits In 2018 (E&E News Subscription Required)
1/19/2018 BLM Defends Offering More Leases (E&E News Subscription Required)
1/19/2018 Panel: Legislation Needed to Address Seismic Research Permitting Failures, Prevent Future Political Abuse
1/18/2018 Seismic Surveys Could Be Hurting Penguins - Experts
1/18/2018 There’s Oil in Them There … Ocean, If We Decide We Want It
1/18/2018 Orphans In The Wild: What The Otter’s Trying To Tell Us About Our Oceans
1/16/2018 First Auction Of Exploration Blocks In Eight Years To Be Held Tomorrow
1/15/2018 A Troubling Permitting Lapse
1/15/2018 Drill, Baby, Drill: Local Fishermen OK With Oil, Gas Activity
1/15/2018 Bill To Ease Offshore Oil, Gas Exploration
1/15/2018 Harrison To Consider Regulations On Seismic Testing
1/15/2018 NC Officials, Environmentalists Concerned Over Offshore Drilling Plan
1/12/2018 New Federal Proposal Calls For Massive Expansion Of Leases
1/12/2018 Knapp’s Opinions On Offshore Exploration Deserve Respect
1/9/2018 Feds Reset 5-Year Plan, But Oil Recovery is a '15-Year Story' (E&E News Subscription Required)
1/8/2018 Trump's Offshore-Drilling Plans Cement U.S. Energy Security
1/2/2018 Tatanaki MP Calls for Balance in Offshore Exploration Debate
12/13/2017 Migrating Humpbacks 'Unfazed' by Seismic Oil and Gas Exploration
12/13/2017 Whales and Dolphins Can Naturally Muffle Loud Sounds, Potentially Protecting Them From Sonar and Other Dangers
12/12/2017 Opinion: Stop Worrying About Whales and Dolphins. Seismic Testing Will Be Good For SC
12/12/2017 Trump To Open The Door For Oil Drilling Off U.S.'s East Coast
12/1/2017 Brazil Lower House Extends Oil Industry Customs Regime
12/1/2017 Committee Forwards Energy Policy Reform Bill to US House
12/1/2017 Offshore Drilling: Testimoney Draws House Panel In Different Directions
12/1/2017 Guessing and Mis-Informed Opinion Has No Place In Science, Says Energy Spokesman
11/30/2017 How D.C. Impacts Dare County: New Law Would Be Boon For Offshore Drilling
11/30/2017 OPINION: Don't Water Down Offshore Regulatory Oversight
11/29/2017 Opinion: Oil and Gas Still Needed While Alternative Energy Sources are Developed
11/20/2017 SC Politicos Spar Over Offshore Testing Issue
11/20/2017 Editorial: Bid to Ban Offshore Leases Shortsighted
11/17/2017 Opinion: Careful Exploration and Development of Our Natural Resources Can Benefit New Zealand
11/8/2017 Natural Resources Panel Passes Major Energy Development Bill (E&E News Subscription Required)
10/27/2017 Oil Is Escaping From 'Purgatory', As Supply Fears Shift From Glut To Shortage
10/24/2017 Thirlmere Lakes $1.9 Million Research Project Will Keep Community Updated
10/20/2017 Offshore Activity Restrictions in White House, Congressional Crosshairs
10/10/2017 Commentary: Seismic Surveyors Follow Rules To Protect Marine Life
10/6/2017 ANWR's Oil Reserves Are Too Important To Keep In The Ground
10/5/2017 Healthy Oil and Gas Industry is Essential to Louisiana | Letter
10/3/2017 State Senator Konni Burton Stands with Texas Oil and Gas Industry
9/11/2017 Daily Comet: Regulation Streamlining Debated
9/8/2017 Good for oil exploration, bad for whales: Seismic air guns at issue in Congress
9/5/2017 Guest Column: Cooper’s Missed Opportunity
9/1/2017 IAGC AccusesUS Government of Undermining Seismic Service Industry
9/1/2017 Effort to Repeal Jones Act Unlikely to Succeed
9/1/2017 Federal Lawmakers Buck Home States to Promote Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration
8/24/2017 Fake Science, Marine Animals and Seismic Noise
8/24/2017 Interview: Seismic surveys critical part if the U.S. is to harness its energy potential
8/23/2017 Offshore Drilling: Groups Spar Over Hosue Bid to Ease Marine-Mammal Safeguards
8/21/2017 API: Expanding Offshore Energy Opportunities Will Benefit American Consumers
8/21/2017 Industry Sends Wish List for Leasing Plan Revamp
8/18/2017 E&E News: With Comment Period Over, Interior Mulls 5-Year Lease Plan *Subscription Required
8/18/2017 E&E News: Interior Directs $25.6M in Oil Funds to Preservation (Subscription Required)
8/17/2017 The State Journal-Register: Point: US Tops World in Oil and Natural Gas Jobs, But Many More Await
8/15/2017 Why 'Keep It In The Ground' Is Not Necessarily Green
8/14/2017 Industry Innovation Boosts Local Communities and Spans the Globe
8/14/2017 E&E News: Greens, Industry Upset about Gulf Exploration Rules
8/14/2017 Daily Comet: Offshore Air Gun Blasts Spark Debate
8/11/2017 Forbes: Survey Says...Offshore Seismic is Safe
8/10/2017 Meet the Man who Wants to Bring Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration to North Carolina
8/7/2017 The Brunswick News: Supporters, Detractors Spar Over Seismic Testing for Oil
8/7/2017 Offshore Energy Today: API, IAGC Not Happy with BOEM’s Report on Seismic Surveys
7/27/2017 Bloomberg: Fisheries Service Hears Pros, Cons on Atlantic Seismic Surveys
7/26/2017 Safe Seismic Testing Is Key To Atlantic Energy Development, Breaking Energy
7/26/2017 36 Senators Send Letter to Secretary Zinke in Support of New OCS Five-Year Leasing Program
7/24/2017 Offshore Drilling in the Atlantic? “That’s Not Who We Are.”
7/19/2017 E&E News: Dem Waves Air Gun as Panel Clashes Over Seismic Testing
7/18/2017 Geoscience & Health
7/14/2017 E&E News: From Alaska to the South to Leading an Energy Industry Group
7/7/2017 It’s Time to Move Forward with Offshore Seismic Surveys
7/6/2017 Houston Chron: U.S. Still Leans Heavily on Fossil Fuels for Power
7/6/2017 Alvarez: Support Safe Offshore Energy Exploration
6/27/2017 Tax Reform can Level the Playing Field in the Energy Market
6/26/2017 Atlantic Oil Surveys Could Kill Food Used by Fisheries
6/25/2017 Seismic Tests as a Steppingstone to Virginia Offshore Drilling Raises Excitement and Concern
6/15/2017 You Can’t Find What You Can’t See — Seismic Surveys Shine a Light on Atlantic Oil
6/8/2017 Coast Review Online: New Seismic Permitting Process Begins
6/8/2017 Ocean News: Advancing the Science of Sound and Marine Life
6/6/2017 Island Packet: Oil Drilling Prep Considered off SC Coast: Marine Life Could Be at Risk
6/5/2017 Independent Mail: Seismic Testing for Oil in Atlantic Off SC Coast Nears Approval
6/5/2017 Post and Courier: NOAA Sets Table for Swismic tsting Offshore, Including Off South Carolina
6/1/2017 Foreign Affairs: Comments to the Environmental Protection Agency on the Implementation of Executive Order 13777, Evaluation Existing Regulations
5/30/2017 Coastal Review Online: With Feds’ Reversal on Seismic, What Next?
5/30/2017 Forbes: You're About To See What 1.4-Billion-Pixels Looks Like
5/19/2017 Bloomberg: Atlantic Seismic Surveys May Get Permits but Await Action
5/17/2017 Outer Banks Sentinel: Feds Announce Re-Start of Seismic Testing Process
5/16/2017 Outer Banks Sentinel: Feds Announce Re-Start of Seismic Testing Process
5/16/2017 Offshore Energy: IAGC Members Make Another Step Towards Shooting Seismic in Atlantic
5/10/2017 Department of Interior Announces Re-Start of Seismic Testing Process
5/10/2017 US Owners Disappointed by Jones Act Decision
5/10/2017 UPDATED: US Moves to Evaluate Atlantic G&G
5/10/2017 Trump Overturns Obama’s Atlantic Seismic Permits Denial
5/10/2017 Seismic Surveys in Atlantic to Move Forward
5/9/2017 Oil and Gas Economy in Texas Enters Expansion Cycle According to TPI
5/8/2017 Greenpeace Exploiting Emotive Issue of Seismic Sureying, Says Professor
5/8/2017 U.S. groups sue to stop Trump from drilling in Arctic, Atlantic
4/28/2017 GreenWire: Trump Order Could Expand Drilling, Roll Back Sanctuaries
4/28/2017 IAGC Applauds Administration’s First Step to Expand Offshore Exploration, Streamline Seismic
4/27/2017 BP Finds Trove of oil in Gulf of Mexico Using New Subsea Imaging
4/24/2017 Debate Simmers Over Atlantic Oil, Gas Exploration
4/21/2017 IAGC Industry Partner ExxonMobil Makes Major Contributions to Saving Piku Turtles
4/21/2017 Major Alaskan Discoveries Promote Great Expectations
4/17/2017 Proponents want to speed up search for energy
4/17/2017 When Whales Breach it’s a Spectacular Sight, But No One was Quite Sure Why They Did it — Until Now.
4/7/2017 Trump Should Reverse Obama-Era South Atlantic Oil and Gas Restictions
4/5/2017 API fears job losses, lower production and reduced energy security from Jones Act changes
3/31/2017 Offshore Support Journal: Joint Trade Group Rejects Assertions about Jones Act Changes
3/31/2017 Real Clear Energy: 'Science-Based Decision-Making' Means Supporting Arctic Energy Development
3/15/2017 Health of Geophysical Industry Critical to Market Recovery
3/6/2017 Secretary Zinke Announces Proposed 73-Million Acre Oil and Natural Gas Lease Sale for Gulf of Mexico
2/23/2017 Energy Factor: From Bytes to Barrels
2/22/2017 US Must Embrace its Energy Surge
2/15/2017 Coastal Review Online: Study: Seismic Testing Disrupts Fish Behavior
2/7/2017 Commentary: Florida must invest in solid energy future
2/3/2017 Industry Sees Opening to Revamp Species Protection Law
2/2/2017 Energy Opportunities Abound For Trump Administration
1/23/2017 Trump Immediately Makes Whitehouse.Gov Pro-Energy
1/20/2017 Breaking Energy: Embrace and Harness the US Energy Renaissance
1/16/2017 How One Old-school Scientist in San Antonio Found the Biggest Oil Field this Year
1/12/2017 Undoing the Damage Done to the Nation’s Energy Future
1/11/2017 We Now Know What Earth's Inner Core Is Made Of
1/9/2017 Offshore Energy Today: U.S. Denies Seismic Permits in Atlantic
1/9/2017 BOEM Rejects Atlantic G&G Permits Amidst Industry Criticism
1/9/2017 USA: Offshore Regulator Boss Moves to Solar
1/9/2017 Western Caucus Slams BOEM Decision to Reject Offshore Energy Exploration
1/9/2017 Bishop Statement on BOEM’s Denial of Six Seismic Permit Applications
1/6/2017 IAGC Decries Administration's 11th Hour Political Denial of Atlantic Seismic G&G Permits
1/6/2017 NOIA Slams BOEM’s Denial of Offshore Seismic Permits
1/6/2017 Obama Administration Denies Permits for Seismic Testing Along S.C. Coast
1/6/2017 Updated: BOEM Denies Six Atlantic G&G Permits
1/6/2017 Obama Administration Denies Atlantic Survey Permits
1/5/2017 Oil and gas industry growing; new potential areas eyed
1/5/2017 IAGC President slams Obama’s ‘shortsighted’ Arctic and Atlantic O&G ban
1/4/2017 Daily Caller News Foundation Reports Obama’s Last-Minute Offshore Drilling Ban Could Be Illegal
12/21/2016 Press Release: IAGC States Administration’s Attempt to Permanently Withdraw US Offshore Areas Shows Lack of Insight for Nation’s Energy Independence
12/15/2016 Houston selected to host 2020 World Petroleum Congress
12/15/2016 Rare Gulf of Mexico whale could be listed as endangered
11/18/2016 Louisiana Watchdog: Proposed Dolphin Regulations could have Seismic Impact on Oil Drilling
11/17/2016 FuelFix: Commentary: Seismic Surveys Play Significant Role in Offshore Drilling
11/16/2016 Dennis Freytes: Use Seismic Surveys and All Energy Resources to Improve Lives
11/10/2016 Offshore: Industry Responds to BOEM PEIS
11/8/2016 Oil, Gas Important in Ways Other Than Use as Fuels
11/4/2016 Groups want Obama to ban Atlantic drilling for good
11/4/2016 New Ad Reiterates National Security Case for Arctic Oil and Gas Development
10/21/2016 Press Release: Seismic Surveys Successfully Coexist with Tourism and Fisheries Despite Erroneous Claims
10/19/2016 APPEA: Get Fracking to Save the Planet
10/18/2016 Gerard: Tapping America’s Energy Resources Lowers Prices, Creates Jobs
10/18/2016 MarineLink: Sailing into the Arctic’s Future
10/17/2016 Washington Examiner: Oil Industry Says Seismic Surveys Don't Kill Dolphins
10/17/2016 Energy in Depth: Clinton Stands with Unions, Tells Anti-Fracking Activists to ‘Get a Life’
10/17/2016 IPAA Press Release: Independent Oil, Gas Producers: Combined Onshore Regulations Will Increase Costs on Our Businesses
10/14/2016 Oil & Gas Journal: API Outlines Initial Concerns with BOEM’s Draft Gulf PEIS
10/13/2016 Bipartisan Pushback Against Villainizing Industry at Anti-Fossil Fuel Conference
10/13/2016 Orlando Sentinel: A defense of fossil fuel: Renewable energy doesn't hold a candle to it
10/13/2016 Apache Partners with Scientists on First-Ever Environmental Studies of Drilling Near West Texas Oasis
10/12/2016 As Clinton Deals Huge Debate Blow to “Keep-It-In-The-Ground,” Emails Confirm Russians Funding “Phony” Anti-Fracking Groups
10/12/2016 API to Hold Press Call on the Importance of Seismic Surveys in Gulf of Mexico
10/7/2016 Brazil to Allow More Foreign Investment in Oil Projects
9/30/2016 Oceana does little to further an important and complex discussion
9/30/2016 BOEM issues draft PEIS with stronger G&G protective measures for gulf
9/28/2016 IAGC Comments on the release of BOEM's Draft Programmatic
9/12/2016 Pro-Oil Groups Prod Obama to Continue with Drilling
9/12/2016 Arctic Coalition Launches Major New Campaign in Support of Offshore Arctic Energy
9/9/2016 Commentary: Knowledge has helped industry drill safely in Arctic for decades
9/7/2016 Eco-Business: WOC Ensures Industry Engagement in Major New Law of the Sea Amendment
8/31/2016 Nevada Energy starts surface sampling at Black Rock
8/29/2016 ONS 2016: International Research of the E&P Sound & Marine Life JIP
8/24/2016 NASA Earth Observatory: Seismic used in Successful 2016 Field Season
8/24/2016 Red Brick Town: Robinson Landing Construction Begins This Week in Alexandria
8/24/2016 NOIA: Industry Shows Continued Commitment to U.S. Economic & Energy Security at Western Gulf of Mexico Oil and Gas Lease Sale
8/24/2016 White House urged to ban Atlantic Ocean seismic activity
8/23/2016 IPAA Endangered Species Watch: Weekly Newsletter
8/12/2016 Global Offshore Support Vessel Market Is Projected to Witness a Significant Growth in Terms of CAGR from by 2025
8/11/2016 Western Energy Alliance: Industry lawsuit targets 'keep it in the ground'
8/11/2016 JIP Sound and Marine Life Newsletter
8/10/2016 Bloomberg: EIA Raises its Forecast for 2017 U.S. Oil Production; Futures Fall
8/10/2016 Peter Foster: The Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy Should be Avoided
8/9/2016 Energy Indepth Florida: Activist Groups Push Seismic Testing Myths in Big Cypress National Preserve
8/9/2016 News Release: IAGC Executive Vice President & COO Walt Rosenbusch Announces Retirement
8/5/2016 OGJ: NOAA Issues Final Guidance for Ocean Noise Impact on Marine Mammals
7/26/2016 The Standard: Work Starts on Tourism Revamps Along Great Ocean Road
7/26/2016 Forbes: Arctic Development Can Help Ensure National And Energy Security
7/22/2016 Your Industry News: Wind Farm Post-Approval Design Changes Made Possible by Smart Technology
7/22/2016 Real Clear Energy: Voters Say Yes to Energy, No to 'Keep It in the Ground'
7/22/2016 BOEM Press Release: Bureau to Offer 24 Million Acres in the Gulf of Mexico for Oil and Gas Leasing
7/21/2016 Freedom Works: Obama Administration Continues Regulatory Assault on Offshore Oil and Gas
7/20/2016 Midland Reporter-Telegram: Lesser Prairie Chicken Officially Removed from Endangered List
7/20/2016 Greenwire: NMFS Approves Plan to Harass Whales During Seismic Tests
7/19/2016 API: Federal Energy Policy Should Reflect Will of American Voters and Protect Consumers
7/19/2016 Obama Adviser: Keep-It-in-the-Ground Movement ‘Unrealistic’
7/18/2016 Breaking Energy: The States And The Right Regulatory Approach
7/18/2016 Petroleum News: Seismic will Drive Work
7/18/2016 Alaska Dispatch News: Feds Push Ahead with Draft Plan for Cook Inlet Oil and Gas Leasing
7/13/2016 API Opposes Short-Sighted Amendments
7/13/2016 API Applauds Senate Action to Advance Broad Energy Bill
7/13/2016 NOIA Welcomes Progress on Senate Energy Bill
7/13/2016 Oil and Gas Industry Could Hire 100,000 Workers – If it Can Find Them
7/13/2016 MarketWatch: Exxon is Using Drones -- to Scout for Whales
7/12/2016 Energy Global Oilfield Technology: Researching sound and marine life
7/12/2016 Oil Voice: We All Love to Travel
7/11/2016 The Hill: Obama Moves to Undercut Greens in Drilling Fight
7/11/2016 ARCTIC Energy Center - Voice of the Arctic Inupiat Should be Heard
7/11/2016 My Turn: Arctic In~upiat will Speak for Themselves
7/8/2016 Despite Industry Pleas, Obama Imposes Costly Arctic Drill Rules
7/8/2016 API: Arctic Rule Could Inhibit Innovation, Technological Advancements and US Energy Leadership
7/5/2016 Seismic Data Plays Important Role in Discovering Oil and Transforming Lives in South American Nation of Guyana
6/29/2016 Smithsonian: Scientists Found a Huge Reservoir of Much-Needed Helium
6/17/2016 Interior Department Hears Conflicting Cries over Offshore Arctic Drilling
6/17/2016 Gulf of Mexico and Alaska Offshore Lease Sales are Vital to Our Energy and Economic Future
6/17/2016 The Hill: 'Keep It In The Ground' should be buried
6/17/2016 The Hill: The Arctic is Essential to Interior’s Oil and Gas Program
6/17/2016 Real Clear Energy: U.S. Offshore Leasing Legacy: A Chance to Secure U.S. Energy Security
6/16/2016 OTC Encourages IAGC Members to Submit Papers for Technical Session 2017
5/24/2016 The Hill: 'Keep It In The Ground' should be buried
5/23/2016 Oil & Gas Journal: Senators, Witnesses List Proposed 2017-22 OCS Leasing Program’s Flaws
5/20/2016 INTERIOR: Getting Agency Information 'Like Pulling Teeth' -- GOP Lawmaker
5/19/2016 IAGC Calls on Congress to Hold Agencies Managing Nation’s Oil and Gas Development Accountable for Lack of Transparency
5/19/2016 Offshore Leasing Program Lacks Vision, Does not Reflect US Energy Leadership
5/11/2016 Removing Mid-Atlantic from offshore leasing will have consequences
4/27/2016 Joint IAGC, IPPA, NOIA Op-Ed: Ensuring U.S. Offshore Energy Production is the Safest in the World
4/26/2016 API: Key Moment for Next Decade of U.S. Energy Leadership and Affordable Energy
4/25/2016 SC veteran leader challenges Post & Courier coverage of offshore energy issues
4/6/2016 Watching Government: A nagging Atlantic OCS question
4/6/2016 Penn Energy: Industry bodies comment on draft marine mammal guidance
4/6/2016 Time: Obama’s Oil Drilling Ban Threatens National Security
3/30/2016 Offshore Seismic Testing Push Continues Despite Oil Drilling Ban
3/30/2016 Atlantic Drilling Off Table but Survey Permits Pending
3/30/2016 Atlantic Drilling Off Table, but Seismic Testing a Real Possibility
3/28/2016 Fact Checking the Atlantic Offshore Lease Decision
3/28/2016 Providing Economic and Energy Benefits for American Consumers, Despite Tough Times
3/28/2016 Intense Seismic Sound Blasts are Next Big Concern for Anti-Drilling Advocates
3/17/2016 Offshore Energy Today: IAGC Pushes for Seismic Surveys on Atlantic OCS
3/17/2016 Oil & Gas Journal: NMFS Permit Delays Hold up Atlantic OCS Seismic, IAGC Official Warns
3/16/2016 DoI, BOEM Exclude Atlantic Margin in New OCS Lease Program
3/16/2016 IAGC Advocates New Seismic Campaigns of Atlantic OCS
3/16/2016 Maritime Executive: Industry Groups Support Contested Offshore Lease Sales
3/16/2016 Offshore Plan A Key To America’s Energy Future
3/16/2016 The Post and Courier: Drilling off Southeast coast Abandoned
3/15/2016 IAGC: Administration Shortsighted and Biased, Excludes the Atlantic in Five-Year Leasing Plan
3/14/2016 Walt Rosebusch’s Remarks at press briefing on U.S Offshore Five-Year Plan
3/14/2016 IAGC: Seismic Surveys can Help Better Understand U.S. Offshore Energy Potential
3/14/2016 API: Offshore Energy Development can Grow America’s Economic Future
3/11/2016 Give us Scientific Facts about Off-Shore Drilling
3/11/2016 Seismic for the spine: Vibration technology offers alternative to MRI
3/9/2016 Spiny lobster eggs not impacted by underwater oil and gas exploration air guns, study finds
3/9/2016 Report: Oil and natural gas industry creating more opportunities for women and minorities
3/9/2016 Poll: 67 percent of South Carolina voters support producing offshore oil and natural gas resources
3/9/2016 Poll: 64 percent of North Carolina voters support producing offshore oil and natural gas resources
3/9/2016 Poll: 65 percent of Virginia voters support producing offshore oil and natural gas resources
3/7/2016 Support for offshore energy production strong among SC voters, survey finds
2/18/2016 IAGC Announces 2016 Slate of Officers
1/11/2016 E&P Sound and Marine Life JIP launches newsletter